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Can you make non-standard tube shapes?

Actually, this is a particular area of expertise. Using proprietary techniques we can make composite tubing with bends, as well as tapered tubing. If you have a complex requirement, we want to hear from you so please get in touch to learn more about how we can help with your project.

Can you make telescopic carbon fiber tubes?

We have a lot of experience and expertise in this area, having been manufacturing telescopic composite tubes for over 10 years.  You can learn more about telescopic tubing applications  here or contact us for more information

Can you incorporate specialist materials in the manufactueing process?

We manufacture composite tubing and parts to meet customer exact specifications therefore we can incorporate specialist materials if the application so requires.  Examples of this have previously included fire retardant and lightning strike materials. Learn more about our manufacturing processes.

How do you bond carbon fiber?

CFT are experts in the interfacing of components, both composite-composite and composite-non-composite. Our experience has provided significant feedback and empirical test results to inform and validate our joint-designs. We stock a range of adhesives including structural epoxies, methyl acarates and cyanoacrylates and can assist with adhesive selection, factoring in different substrates and operating environments.  To learn more about machining, assembly and bonding, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

What size of carbon fiber tube can you produce?

We are a manufacturer that supports custom service. We can generally make the size you want.

Are you trading company of factory?

We are manufacturer with over 20 years' experience in making tubes, you will get top quality products and services.

What's the lead time for regular order?

14-21 days for order quantity lower than 6000pcs; For more quantity, usually 30 days.

Can I get a discount?

Yes, for the order quantity more than 500 pcs, please contact us to get the best price.

Do you inspect the finished products?

Yes, each step of production and finished products will be came out inspection by QC department before shipping.

What are the advantages of your product?

High axial strength and modulus, low density, high specific performance, no creep;  Ultra-high temperature resistance in non-oxidizing environment;  Good fatigue resistance, specific heat and electrical conductivity between non-metal and metal;  No rust, high durability, very suitable for high acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion environment;  Low thermal expansion coefficient, anisotropy, good corrosion resistance, good X-ray transmission;  Strong durability

How long will your product be delivered?

Sample list: 7-10 days if the factory has molds;  If there is no mold, it will take about 15 days;

Bulk order: According to the mold and order quantity, common carbon tube carbon sheet about 30 days, such as pool cue, telescopic rod time need to be confirmed

Does the product withstand high temperature? How much high and low temperature?

The high temperature can reach 150-180 degrees within 100 degrees

Low temperature -180 degrees

What is the minimum, maximum diameter and maximum length?

Minimum diameter: 4mm Maximum diameter: 400mm Maximum outer diameter: 400mm Maximum diameter: 6000mm

Where is the product used?

Military and civilian industries.  Civil construction, aerospace, automotive materials, drones, outdoor supplies, sporting goods, daily supplies, etc

Can you support customization? What is the minimum order size?

Supported, conventional carbon tube/piece, pool cue 50 up custom;  Telescopic rod 100 sets;  5 pipes of larger value can also be customized