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Carbon fiber and Graphite felt

Carbon fiber and Graphite felt

In the context of energy conservation and emission reduction, the status of new energy is increasing, for example, in the field of photovoltaics, many people must have heard of graphite felt, graphite felt is a kind of black soft felt with very high carbon content, because of the choice of raw felt is divided into asphalt-based, polyacrylonitrile group (PAN-based) and viscose-based graphite felt three kinds. So do you understand the use of graphite felt? The following is an introduction to what graphite felt is used for.

The main use of graphite felt is as a thermal insulation and insulation material for monocrystalline silicon smelting furnaces. Because of its light weight, high carbon content, and corrosion resistance, high purity, high temperature non-volatile, small thermal conductivity, high temperature deformation and other excellent properties, it is an excellent thermal insulation material for high temperature vacuum furnaces.

Graphite felt

After understanding the use of graphite felt, let’s take a look at its manufacturing process.

The carbon felt (PAN base or viscose base) is cut to the desired size, rolled into a cylinder, packed in a graphite container, and the graphite container is heated to 2200-2500 °C in a high-temperature furnace, and then cooled to 100 °C to obtain graphite felt. This process becomes graphitization, the most significant feature of graphite felt is high purity, after high temperature treatment of more than 2000 °C, the carbon content is higher, up to 99% or more.

European and American thermal insulation felts are basically based on adhesives, while in China, most of them use polyacrylonitrile as raw materials. PAN-based graphite felt is stronger than viscose-based graphite felt and has strong oxidation resistance, but has poor flexibility, large bulk density and good thermal insulation performance.

Post time: Mar-05-2022