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Do you know how to choose a Carbon Billiard cue shafts?

Do you know how to choose a Carbon Billiard cue shafts?

Now carbon cue is more and more popular, let us show you to how to choose a good carbon cue shaft.

Welcome professional cue makers to discuss with us details.

1. Hardness.

As carbon billiard cue shaft,Hardness can be said to be one of the most basic indicators of the billiard cue, which is to ensure the stability of the ball and reduce the deviation of the ball.

2. Toughness.

For carbon billiard cue shaft

Toughness and elasticity should be said to be a comprehensive indicator,

Toughness, in order to ensure the control of white ball, it is mainly in the control of straight line.

The hardness is mentioned above, but an excellent rod will increase the difficulty of controlling the white ball, so it needs toughness to cooperate to increase the contact time between the white ball and the leather head.


3. Flexibility.

Pool Cues Billiards Carbon Cues Shaft material is very important

Elasticity is to ensure the control of the white ball.

Elasticity generally depends on the number of revolutions of the white ball (the number of revolutions of the white ball also depends on the “bite” time between the rod and the ball). The number of revolutions of the white ball and the elasticity of the rod can be seen through the light push of the high rod, the low rod, the lower plug, etc

4. billiard cue force.

The cue shaft force is a comprehensive embodiment of the above points and cooperates with all aspects. When the rod force is strong, you can save effort when playing, reduce the error of force and increase the walking range of white ball.

photobank (1)photobank

5. Force transmission.

The force transmission is transparent, which can increase the hand feeling of hitting the ball, and is also an indicator of the interface technology for the detection of the interface club. Generally, when hitting the ball, feel the feeling of holding the club hand, whether the transmission of hitting reaction force is clear, and listen to whether the hitting sound is clear.

6. Offset.

Generally, you can observe the movement of the white ball through short-distance strong plug stroke, observation accuracy, or long-distance medium force medium speed plug stroke.

The above six points are related to the quality of the original leather head in all aspects. If customers like Carbon fiber pool cues shaft blank ,they can change the leather head and try again.

Post time: Dec-17-2022