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Quality Is The Soul Of The Enterprise



Companies adhering to the “integrity”, “quality first”, “customer first” business philosophy, to first-class service, to provide our customers with quality service.During the development of the company we insist on continuous innovation, production of new products, the company’s products are mainly exported to European countries, the United States, Russia and other places, the products are deeply loved by customers.
We firmly believe.As long as market-oriented, innovation as the driving force, to the quality of survival, development and growth, we will certainly win a better tomorrow.

We also participated in many international and domestic exhibitions, through various exhibitions and activities, and other carbon fiber manufacturers to carry out friendly communication and mutual learning exchange, to enrich and improve our technical level, improve the quality of our products and quality.

Carbon fiber is a very important new material today.According to the market demand, the product has been to high strength, high modulus, high elongation series development.Carbon fiber is a new material with excellent mechanical properties and many special functions because of its high strength and light weight.Due to the excellent comprehensive performance and high added value of carbon fiber and its composites, it is known as the “black gold” in the 21st century. It has been listed in the national “13th Five-Year Plan” and is regarded as a strategic emerging industry for the national key development.Will now usher in a big development opportunity.

Carbon fiber composite material (CFRP) is a “large quantity and wide range of basic materials” and “key strategic materials restricting the development of manufacturing industry” in the development plan of “Made in China 2025″ deployed by the State Council Work Report. Its upstream and downstream industrial chain is extremely important for the reconstruction of China’s new materials industrial system.Widely invited suppliers, association and enterprise/organization, composite materials, aerospace, automobile, chemical industry, cable, power electronics, rail transportation, ship vehicles, Bridges, buildings, electric tools, manufacturing equipment, pressure vessel, sports equipment, wind turbines, as well as computers, communications, consumer electronics and other many fields “3 c information home appliance” received great attention,The development and expansion of the national economy has a decisive impact.Carbon fiber is the pearl on the crown of new material, and it is the strategic material of the country.

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Post time: Jul-28-2021