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How carbon fiber tube are priced

How carbon fiber tube are priced

Carbon fiber tube is one of the most common carbon fiber products, and it is also a product with a lot of consultation. The cost of carbon fiber tube is also the most concerned issue when customers consult. Weihai Xueyi, as a manufacturer of carbon fiber tubes, is often used by customers. Asked about the price of carbon fiber tubes, this article will explain how carbon fiber tubes are priced.

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Carbon fiber is a product made of carbon fiber prepreg cured at high temperature. It has the advantages of high performance, high strength, impact resistance and corrosion resistance. Compared with metal pipes, the strength is eight times higher, but the quality is only one third, so metal pipes are banned in many fields.
The price of carbon fiber tubes, including pricing, is mainly related to several aspects, such as carbon fiber raw materials, size, time, craftsmanship, performance, etc.
The more expensive the material used for the carbon fiber tube, the more expensive the carbon fiber tube will be. For example, if the materials of T300 and T800 are different, the cost will also be different. The carbon fiber tube of the T800 has better performance than the t300, so the price will naturally be higher.


Size is also an important factor affecting the price. The larger the size of the carbon fiber tube, the more expensive it will be. In addition, the entire design requirements of the product, such as the need to open holes, are conventional and intuitive, and if it is a special-shaped tube, the price will also be different.
Therefore, the cost of carbon fiber tubes will not be said to be fixed, but will have a great relationship with the specific needs, which is why there is no way to directly give the price of carbon fiber tubes. If you have needs for carbon fiber tubes and other carbon fiber products, you can contact us directly or leave a message. We strictly control each process of production and the quality is guaranteed.

Post time: Mar-07-2022