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How to choose a Carbon Billiard cue -Parameter and Quality

How to choose a Carbon Billiard cue -Parameter and Quality

Now carbon cue is more and more popular, let us show you to how to choose a good carbon cue shaft.
Welcome professional cue makers to discuss with us details and make high quality Carbon Cues Shaft Pro taper and tape Billiards Pool Cues


1. Weight and center of gravity

Weight mainly reflects the balance of the center of gravity. Lie down on the platform and move the pole. The weight of the front and rear hands is evenly distributed. It feels comfortable, which is a good balance. Then choose the club close to your request according to your personal habits.

2. Carbon Cue shaft head size

Within 9-13mm, choose the size you like. We make different diameter High Modulus Break Jump Pool Cue Case Shaft Snooker Carbon Fiber Pool Cue

3. You can also see the thickness of the handshake and match your own grip shape.

In general, if the previous points meet the requirements and the parameters are not too far apart, we have to adapt ourselves.


1. Straightness.

Hold the club tail, point the club head to the dark place, and check the straightness of the club.

It’s OK to roll the club on the table, but you don’t need to make the club stick to the table. Because the club is handmade, and the wood has slight deformation due to different climate effects, it should be acceptable. As long as the eye inspection is straight, even if there is imperceptible deformation, it will not affect the ball.

2. Metal fittings.

It mainly refers to whether the copper nozzle, interface, tail hole and counterweight are loose or damaged. It is mainly to listen to the abnormal sound of the club when playing.

3. Whether the ebony and flower arrangement are cracked.

4.Whether the rod body is bumped.
Our Carbon fiber pool cues shaft blank will give you nice hit feeling, using different carbon fabric let our poles offer nice straightness trust us we wont let you down.

Post time: Dec-02-2021