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Practical application and potential development space of carbon fiber tube FROM Weihai Snowwing outdoor Equipment CO.ltd

Practical application and potential development space of carbon fiber tube FROM Weihai Snowwing outdoor Equipment CO.ltd

Carbon fiber Tubes pipe is one of the most widely used and numerous carbon fiber basic products, and it is also an important application form of carbon fiber composites. Carbon fiber pipe is also a lightweight material favored by many fields by virtue of the “light and strong” performance advantages of carbon fiber. At present, the market demand and potential applications of carbon fiber tube include the following fields:

Sports and leisure equipment:

In the field of sports leisure products, carbon fiber golf clubs and fishing rods were first applied, and they are also one of the earliest consumption channels to promote the development of carbon fiber. As early as more than ten years ago, the consumption of carbon fiber only used in golf clubs accounted for one tenth of the total carbon fiber consumption in the world. In recent years, carbon fiber materials are increasingly used in sporting goods such as bicycles, tennis rackets and badminton rackets.

UAV field:

Carbon fiber tube performs well in strength. According to actual needs, it can be applied to different body parts of UAV, such as arm and wing skeleton. Compared with aluminum alloy, the weight reduction effect of 30% can improve the endurance and load capacity of the aircraft. The advantages of carbon fiber material such as high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, energy absorption, earthquake resistance and stable chemical properties also effectively ensure the service life of UAV.

Lightweight industrial equipment:

The carbon fiber roll shaft with carbon fiber pipe as the roll body can be widely used in printing, paper making, plastics, film, textile, lithium battery pole winding machine and other industries. This type of application is relatively simple in structural design, but has high requirements for the process level of carbon fiber pipe itself. The more precise the machine is, the more strict the requirements for dynamic balance and concentricity of the roll are, The relevant technical indexes of carbon fiber tube will directly affect the stability of high-speed rotation of roller shaft, and then affect the performance of the whole machine.

Post time: Nov-30-2021