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Do you know how carbon fiber tubes are made?

Do you know how carbon fiber tubes are made?

Do you know how carbon fiber tubes are made?

  Carbon fiber tube is a very common carbon fiber product in the whole carbon fiber product. There are also many types of carbon fiber tube. You, such as square tube, round tube, elbow, etc., are all common types of carbon fiber tube, which are produced by carbon fiber tube. There are also several methods, the most common are the following four production methods   微信截图_20220829163508


1. Winding process  微信截图_20220829163727

Winding process is a suitable process for many pipes. It is a process of continuous impregnation of resin, winding to a new mode according to a certain law, and then curing into carbon fiber products. Can be some continuous completion, the whole product size and shape can be very good completion. More is the need to help with auxiliary equipment to better shape. There are also two kinds of wet molding and dry molding process, which is more wet molding, because the cost of wet molding is lower.  photobank (14)


2.Pultrusion process  微信截图_20220829164143

Pultrusion T art basic process is to enhance fiber from the yarn, and then through cluster roll into the resin soak glue in the tub, after forming dies, remove excess resin, compaction exclude bubbles again, and then the carbon fiber reinforced body and resin in the forming die molding curing, after drawing the length of the device you want to pull out, pull is suitable for the length of the carbon fiber tube .

3. The moulding process  微信截图_20220829163508

molding process, the more will be square pipe process, one of traditional moulding is also very common molding process, is spread their carbon fiber presoak through material layer to mould, and then sent to the die cut of the hot-press curing process of above, and then to demoulding curing for carbon fiber tube. The molding process has high production efficiency and can quickly complete automatic production. The surface of the whole carbon fiber tube is smooth and clean, and mass production can be carried out. The main process of molding is mold preparation before molding, laying and molding of blank material, demolding, machining processing, inspection and delivery of finished products.

photobank (22)

4. Rolling process   微信截图_20220829163727

The rolling process is similar to the molding process. In order to achieve more efficient production, it is a process of prepreg layering design based on the size of the carbon fiber tube, cutting, rolling through the tube coiling machine, and then sending the tube into the hot pressing furnace for hot pressing, and then demolding to obtain the appearance of the carbon fiber.

The above four kinds of carbon fiber tube is our common production processing molding process, that if there is a need, welcome to come to consult;

With TEN years of rich experience, we are engaged in the production and processing of carbon fiber products. We have complete forming equipment and perfect processing machines, and can complete the production of various types of carbon fiber products according to the drawings.       微信截图_20220829164735

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