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Factory Carbon Fiber Sheet Laminate Carbon Fiber Sheet Boards

Short Description:

Carbon fiber sheet is made from carbon fiber prepreg in the high temperature and high pressure environment,it is high strength,light weight,flame resistant,heat resistant and waterproof.
Carbon fiber sheet is widely used in various fields,such as building field and medical areas.The thickness can be customized from 0.2mm to 50mm, We can various specs of CNC processing according to the customer’s request.

The carbon sheet we made have follow advantage:
High Strength
Corrosion Resistance
Light Weight
Low Density
Long Service Life

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Carbon Sheet Description

Carbon fiber sheet is the mainstream environmental friendly new product of the century, it features high strength, abrasion resistant, weather-proof, waterproof, air-pervious.
Application for UAV, RC Toy model , Helicopter Model, Electrical products, Sports equipment s and Automobile parts and so on

Dimension Table

Product Name carbon fiber board sheet factory carbon fiber plate
Material carbon fiber


Kevlar + Carbon Fiber and so on

Surface 3K Plain Weave

3K Twill Weave

Color surface

Metal Wire Weave

Forged carbon fiber

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Carbon fiber has light weight and high strength. It is widely used in aerospace, automobile racing, prosthetics, medical equipment, building materials, home, UAV, high-speed railway and so on


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