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high quality 40mm 50mm 60mm 70mm 80mm carbon fiber tube

Short Description:

Product Name Carbon Fiber Tube With 3k Surface
Size Custom
Surface Plain Glossy/Matte, Twill Glossy/Matte
MOQ Formal Order 100pcs, Accepted Sample Order

Roll wrapping carbon fiber tubes is the process we use for composite tubes that are smaller and shorter in length. GDE utilize prepreg materials, including carbon fiber, fiberglass, kevlar and hybrids when roll wrapping tubes. Rolled tubes are ideal for applications that require the highest bending stiffness and lowest weight, such as telescoping poles, automation robotics, idler rollers, and UAV components.

If you want order our products, please tell us:
ID, OD, length, dimensional tolerances, quantity, structural requirements, surface finish, surface pattern, material (if you
know), temperature requirements, pocesing technology etc.
(With these items as the starting point, we can usually very quickly put together a quotation to help you get your project from
idea to reality.)

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Carbon Tube Description

We can manufacture and supply carbon fibre tubes with a range of surface finish options/combinations depending on requirements. These include cosmetic finishes such as:2*2 twill,plain weave,and also colorful weave like blue red yellow etc。And we can offer We are specialists in composite tube design and composite tube manufacture. We have many years experience and are able to manufacture carbon fibre tubes for any application. Using a number of composite tube manufacturing processes, we are able to produce tubes diameters from Ø 5mm – 500mm, and lengths up to 5m.also we can offer the carbon tube connector drilled holes cnc cutting shape and related some parts mixed carbon fiber tube.

Dimension Table

5*4 12*11 16*11 18*17 20*20 25*13 29*27 36*34
6*4 13*10 16*12 19*11 22*16 25*15 30*22 37*29
6*5 13*11 16*13 19*12 22*17 23*19 30*23 37*33
7*4 14*8 16*14 19*13 22*18 25*20 30*25 37*34
7*5 14*10 16*15 19*14 22*19 25*21 30*26 38*35
7*6 14*11 17*7 19*15 22*20 25*22 30*27 40*38
8*6 14*12 17*13 19*16 22*21 25*23 30*28 42*40
9*7 14*13 17*14 19*17 23*14 26*23 31*30 43*41
9*8 15*10 17*15 19*18 23*19 26*24 31.7*33.38 50*47
10*8 15*11 18*10 20*12 23*21 26*25 32*30
10*9 15*12 18*11 20*14 24*16 28*24 33*31
12*6 15*13 18*12 20*16 24*18 28*25 35*30
12*8 15*14 18*14 20*17 24*19 28*26 35*31
12*9 16*8 18*15 20*18 24*20 28*27 35*33
12*10 16*10 18*16 20*19 24*22 29*26 36*33

Length:max length can make 4000mm

max OD diameter can make 400mm

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Carbon fiber tube can be used in different filed

As carbon fiber tube has lightweight and good strength,their alternating layers of reinforcement - produce a more resilient tube, especially to crush and twist forces so it used in wide range like :poole cues tent pole money clip archery stabilizer etc


Material Style

Carbon fiber tube surface

Can offer twill plain UD carbon fiber weave also with colorful carbon tube

And for surface we can offer glossy/matte/semi matte

Our surface is more stronger as we use high level painting to coat it,no faded or scratch easily.trust us we won't let you down


Quality Control


All raw material is Japan level carbon fiber

Each carbon tube normal tolerance we are in +- 0.1-0.2mm, we will measure carbon fiber pole before we sending to guarantee they are correct diameter

Also our carbon fiber weave is very nice and clear and no faded or scratch
We can offer different carbon tube weave for optional


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