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CNC cut Carbon Fiber Machined part,carbon fiber sheet cut carbon plate

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1.OEM,ODM,OBM are avaliable.
2. Material:3k carbon fiber
3. Specifications: custom-made, extra moulding charge is required.
4. Samples is accepted.



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    Carbon fiber sheet has many advantages than aluminum or steel plate

    1. High strength and high efficiency

    The tensile strength is several times higher than that of ordinary steel, the elastic modulus is better than that of steel, and has excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance and seismic resistance.

    2. Light weight and good flexibility

    Carbon fiber board has high strength and only 1 / 5 of the quality of steel. It has high toughness and can be coiled. It can be supplied in a large length without overlapping.

    3. The construction is convenient and the construction quality is easy to guarantee

    The materials do not need pre-processing, the process is convenient, and the plates are allowed to cross.

    4. Good durability and corrosion resistance

    It is resistant to acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion without regular maintenance

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