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SW High modulus pool cue shaft billiard fiber carbon cue shafts

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High quality black carbon fibre Billiards Pool cue shafts in 11.75mm/ 12mm/12.4mm/12.9mm tip

Color black like the picture show—can customize
Tip size 11.75mm/12mm/12.4mm/12.9mm with ferrule
Material carbon fibre
detail blank cue carbon shaft without accessories
Use Pool cues/Billiards cues/carom cues
Bottom size 21.4mm






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    Carbon Shaft Description

    We focus on carbon fiber pool cues shaft blank for many years and carbon cues shaft has 2 important points, surface and straightness, Nice surface can let your pole looks high levels,most supplier cant offer nice surface cues shaft blank and most pool cues builder request nice surface so our carbon cues shaft blank can offer you, and second is straightness and our tolerance most within 0.1mm max 0.1mm and carbon shaft straightness also can keep same long time,not like wooden shaft you have adjust it frequently.


    Dimension Table

    11.8-21.4-765mm 12.2-21.4-760mm 12.8-21.4-760mm
    12.4-21.4-760mm 12.5-21.4-760mm 13-21.4-760mm
    11.9-21.4-762mm 12.7-21.4-760mm 11.75-22-812.8mm
    12.25-22-812.8mm 12.5-21.35-812.8mm 11.8-21.8-710mm
    12.75-22-812.8mm 12.8-21.35-812.8mm 11.7-21.45-761mm
    11.8-21.35-812.8mm 12.85-21.7-771mm

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    Our carbon cues shaft blank is Made of carbon fiber composite, cues shafts incorporate more than eighteen years of technological innovation and testing.

    Our carbon cues shafts feature the lightest front end mass, the lowest rate of rise taper, greatest radial consistency, and most durable construction. let the pole has The most accurate billiards shaft in the world at both low and high speeds, featuring the smoothest finish, the most spin, and uncompromising durability and strength.

    Use our carbon cues shaft blank can let you make very perfect pool cues shaft, and we can offer many different size it can meet your all item pool cues shaft, we also offer carbon pool cues shaft to famous brand trust us we won't let you down!


    Material Style Craft

    Carbon cues shaft technology

    Our carbon cues shaft blank are made of 100% carbon fiber composite and we use in different carbon fiber fabric, like T300 carbon, lower resin prepreg to make the shaft has good and nice surface,and we also use 0/90/+45/-45°mixed rolling tech, to make the shaft has best power and good straightness,our carbon shaft straightness most under +- 0.1mm
    and it can still keep straight long time than wood shaft

    Our carbon cues shat blank will be your best choose to build your pool cues billiards


    Quality Control


    All raw material is Japan level carbon fiber

    Each carbon cues shaft tolerance are in under 0.1mm, we will measure carbon fiber blank before we sending to guarantee they are correct diameter

    Also our carbon fiber weave is very nice and clear and no faded or scratch
    We can offer different carbon tube weave for optional

    For shaft we suggest choose UD carbon, if butt it can be used in different carbon style.


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